Finally, a Post!


Oh my. I have not posted in a looooong time. Sorry about that…I keep forgeting to upload my photography to the computer, and when I do upload them, I forget to post…but I am posting right now, so that’s good. I shall try to post more often. I know I have said that before, but now I am actually going to try. 🙂

So, I’m just going to talk about what’s going on in my life right now. I just started 9th grade, so that’s exciting! My mom is teaching my homeschool group class (you’re an awesome teacher, mom!). The subjects I am doing are math, logic, physical science, American government, debate, Latin, and American literature. My favorite subject is probably debate!

I have a long list of books I have to read this school year, and the books I am currently reading are ‘Through Gates of Splendor’ and ‘Tom Sawyer’. I am enjoying both of them!

Are y’all enjoying the beginning of fall, or do you want summer to keep going? I am ready for fall. The weather has actually been a bit cool today, which I am quite excited about! The mosquitos have not completely gone though, because I got a bite when we were eating lunch outside today. Mosquitos always go after me more than the rest of my family…not pleasant.

Over the summer, I wrote a few poems. I love writing poetry, it just makes me feel happy. Here are two of my favorites:

Who I Serve:

Jesus is our Cornerstone

He sits in heaven on His throne

Keeping watch on everything

As He hears the angels sing

They sing of His glory and of His strength

They sing of His might all day ar length

We are to tell of our Father up above

We are to tell of His glory and love

He is our strength

He is our might

He is our Way

He is our Light

He is our confort in the depths of night

He is our shield through this life-long fight

He always does what is pure and just

The skies are His floor and the clouds are His dust

He is our refuge in the day of trouble

He will dig us out of this world’s rubble

Jesus bought us with a price

So we can live with Him in paradise


Here is my other favorite:


Our God

God heals the dying soul

The wounded He makes whole

To the weary, He says “you’re stronger”

Then they can run much longer

The broken heart He mends

And to the helpless He attends

He is peace in the midst of a fight

In the darkness, He shines- a light

To the lost He gives a path

On the wicked He extends His wrath

The prideful He puts down

To the humble He gives a crown

He gives His kingdom to the poor

To the fatherless He opens His door

He lets the meek inherit the earth

To His children He gives re-birth

He blesses those suffering for His name

And on them He inflicts no shame

He loves His children as a man loves his bride

And with them He will always abide


Well, that’s all the time I have for today. I really do want to post more though. We’ll see I guess!

Thanks for reading!

~Mallory ♥

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.       -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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How To Make a Clay Layer Cake

I love making things out of clay. One of my favorite things to make is layer cakes. They are so fun! I like to make them as birthday presents for people using their favorite colors. The one I am using for this tutorial was for one of my friends, and I liked it so much that I made another one for myself. 🙂 They are very easy and only have a few steps!

First, take the colors you want to use (I usually do 3 colors) and shape them into equal sized  disks. The disks shouldn’t be really flat, but not super thick. Here are mine from that blue and silver one.


Then, stack them on top of each other. I decided to do ombre-darkest to lightest. Don’t smush them together too much, or the colors will smear. DSCN5090

Next, roll out the color of your frosting so it’s pretty thin, but not so thin it tears easily. Lay it over the cake and wrap around sides. Cut off the extra clay or tuck it underneath the bottom. Smooth it out, but not a lot, or the colors will mix and ruin your cake. DSCN5091

Now you can add clay sprinkles or candles to the top, as I did here. DSCN5092

It’s almost time to reveal the beautiful colors inside! I am always in suspense when I am slicing a piece of clay cake to see if it turned out. If you use soft clay, you may need to put your cake in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes so the colors inside won’ smear when you cut it. Also, use a sharp knife to cut it, or the colors will smear. DSCN5093

Ta-da! The finished cake! Well, almost finished. You still have to bake it. See the thin silver layer at the bottom of the cake? That is from me tucking the extra frosting clay underneath the bottom. I kinda like doing it because, as you can see, it makes an extra layer. But of course you don’t have to tuck it under if you don’t want an extra layer. DSCN5094

Here are two other cakes I made. The one on the left has strawberries on top, and as you can see, the colors on the inside smeared a bit because I didn’t use a very sharp knife. The other side of the slice is very smeared, hence why I turned the good side towards the camera. DSCN5047

So, if you have clay, and someone’s birthday is near, make this for them using their favorite colors! Or make a replica of their favorite flavor of cake.

I made a few other picture-tutorials of how to make clay food like cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. Food is my favorite thing to make out of clay.

Something on our counter spilled this morning and my camera was on the counter and I turned on my camera and it still worked. Well later I tried to turn on my camera and it didn’t turn on. I use rechargeable batteries, so I am charging them, hoping that the camera will still work. If not, I will have to get a new camera for Christmas.

~Mallory 🙂


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Wow. I have not posted in such a looooong time. I was too lazy to upload my photos…then I forgot….soooooo yeah. BUT now that I have uploaded my pics, I am probably going to be posting a whole lot more often.

So I was walking around my backyard, searching for something to take a picture of. As I was searching, I saw something glittering on the ground. I bent over to see what it was, and I saw that it was a raindrop on the grass. No big surprise, because it rained last night. Then I saw tons of raindrops dotting the ground, and I knew that I had to take pictures of them. God’s creation is so beautiful! Raindrops look just like diamonds. So that is the story of these photos. I hope you like looking at them!DSCN5310DSCN5311DSCN5312DSCN5318DSCN5321RSCN5359RSCN5358DSCN5333RSCN5356DSCN5325

On my little adventure around the backyard, I decided to capture some of the beauty of fall on my camera….the problem: our leaves haven’t really changed color yet. So, I did the best I could. The 2nd one is of one of the two or three red leaves that I found. All the others were brown, black, or ugly yellow. And the last pic is a big chubby worm I found laying there in the grass.


So, I hope you liked the result of my little journey around the yard.


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Bald Eagle

Hi! Last month as we were driving along, we spotted a huge bird up in a tree. We slowed down, and we saw that it was a bald eagle! Since we were only a few minutes away from home, we raced home to get my camera. When we came back to the spot where the eagle was, it was still there! I couldn’t get very good pictures, and I only got a few, but they are really cool, even though they are a bit  blurry. I didn’t even know we had eagles around here before we saw this one! Well, enough talking, here are the pics!RSCN4694RSCN4695RSCN4696

I think the 1st one is the best picture. It’s not as blurry as the other ones. Well, I gotta go, bye!

Have you ever seen a wild bald eagle where you live?


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A Craft

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time! Today I am going to show you how to make cute little glass pebble decorations! You will need:

  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Small or standard glass craft pebbles, clear or colored

And markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons.DSCN2426

First, select the pebble you would like to use. On your paper, and using your pencil, carefully trace around your pebble.DSCN2427

Set your pebble close by, and with your scissors, cut carefully the outline of your pebble.DSCN2430

Set the circle of paper you just cut out on a hard surface and color anything you want on it!


(I use a glue stick) Apply a bit of glue to the colored side of the paper circle. DSCN2433

Grab your pebble, and sandwich the pebble on top of the paper circle, so that the glue covered side of the paper is on the flat underside of the pebble. DSCN2434

Let it sit a few seconds to let the glue settle, and there you have a pretty little decoration! DSCN2436DSCN2438

These were made using small blue pebbles and small yellow pebbles. I now make them with the standard size clear pebbles, but I don’t have any pictures of those. I have made some where I colored in doughnuts, hedgehogs, baseballs, footballs, designs, Bible verses,  and lots more. When I give gifts, I like to throw one of these pebbles into the gift bag. I use these in different ways. I have stood some up on the rim of a picture frame, and I have used them as other decorations. You could also use these as paperweights! Thanks for reading this, and tell me if you make any of these! Have a great rest-of-the-day!



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2 Poems

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a LONG time! I just haven’t had anything to post about. So today I decided to post 2 poems I recently wrote. The first one is a Christmas poem. I know Christmas is next month, but for some reason I wrote a Christmas poem anyways, because, well, you can celebrate Jesus’ birth anytime of year! Here it is:

It’s getting to that time of year

When Christmas draws so very near

There’s some Christmas lights over there

The smell of gingerbread and evergreen is in the air

As we sit around the fire

Our spirits rise higher and higher

But through all this we forget the real reason

Of all the celebration in the Christmas season

Forget the lights, forget the trees

And fall down humbly on your knees

Through this season in our hearts should ring

The message of love from Jesus, our King

Many years ago Jesus came to save us all

So on our knees we should humbly fall

Born of a virgin, ina manger He lay

Born, Jesus King of the world, that day

Born to save us from our sin

Born to make us new again

Born to raise up from the toumb

Born to take away our gloom

You were born to serve this King

So serve Him and He’ll make you clean

If you serve Him, don’t forget

Your Christmas will be better yet…

So that was the first poem. Here is the 2nd poem:

Jesus is our Cornerstone

He sits in Heaven on His throne

Keeping watch on everything

As He hears the angels sing

They sing of His glory and of His strength

They sing of His might all day at length

We are to tell of our Father up above

We are to tell of His glory and love

He is our strength, He is our might

He is our way, He is our light

He is our comfort in the depths of night

He is our shield through this life-long fight

He always does what is pure and just

The skies are His floor, the clouds the dust

He is our refuge in a day of trouble

He will save us from this world’s deep rubble

Jesus bought us with a price

So we can live with Him in Paradise…

Well, thanks for reading! I will try to post more often. 🙂

Yours Truly,




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Another Poem

Hello! Are you having a nice summer? I am! My family and I are going to the beach next month! The poem I’m going to share with you today is about the seasons! I hope you like it!


The seasons


Looks like a glorious, blooming pink tree

Sounds like robins chirping

Tastes like fresh air

Smells like fragrant blooms

Feels like rose petal


Looks like the beach

Sounds like waves crashing

Tastes like a popsicle

Smells like salty ocean air

Feels like sunburns and mosquito bites


Looks like red, orange, and yellow trees

Sounds like leaves crunching under my feet

Tastes like fresh pumpkin pie

Smells like warm spices

Feels like crisp, breezy air


Looks like frozen ponds and snow-covered lawns

Sounds like wind blowing harshly outside

Tastes like steaming hot chocolate

Smells like gingerbread cookies and pine trees

Feels like warm blankets piled high


I really like writing poems, so I’ll post LOTS more in the future! (So if you don’t like poetry, you’ll be bored on these posts:) ) Well bye y’all!


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