2 Poems

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a LONG time! I just haven’t had anything to post about. So today I decided to post 2 poems I recently wrote. The first one is a Christmas poem. I know Christmas is next month, but for some reason I wrote a Christmas poem anyways, because, well, you can celebrate Jesus’ birth anytime of year! Here it is:

It’s getting to that time of year

When Christmas draws so very near

There’s some Christmas lights over there

The smell of gingerbread and evergreen is in the air

As we sit around the fire

Our spirits rise higher and higher

But through all this we forget the real reason

Of all the celebration in the Christmas season

Forget the lights, forget the trees

And fall down humbly on your knees

Through this season in our hearts should ring

The message of love from Jesus, our King

Many years ago Jesus came to save us all

So on our knees we should humbly fall

Born of a virgin, ina manger He lay

Born, Jesus King of the world, that day

Born to save us from our sin

Born to make us new again

Born to raise up from the toumb

Born to take away our gloom

You were born to serve this King

So serve Him and He’ll make you clean

If you serve Him, don’t forget

Your Christmas will be better yet…

So that was the first poem. Here is the 2nd poem:

Jesus is our Cornerstone

He sits in Heaven on His throne

Keeping watch on everything

As He hears the angels sing

They sing of His glory and of His strength

They sing of His might all day at length

We are to tell of our Father up above

We are to tell of His glory and love

He is our strength, He is our might

He is our way, He is our light

He is our comfort in the depths of night

He is our shield through this life-long fight

He always does what is pure and just

The skies are His floor, the clouds the dust

He is our refuge in a day of trouble

He will save us from this world’s deep rubble

Jesus bought us with a price

So we can live with Him in Paradise…

Well, thanks for reading! I will try to post more often. 🙂

Yours Truly,




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Another Poem

Hello! Are you having a nice summer? I am! My family and I are going to the beach next month! The poem I’m going to share with you today is about the seasons! I hope you like it!


The seasons


Looks like a glorious, blooming pink tree

Sounds like robins chirping

Tastes like fresh air

Smells like fragrant blooms

Feels like rose petal


Looks like the beach

Sounds like waves crashing

Tastes like a popsicle

Smells like salty ocean air

Feels like sunburns and mosquito bites


Looks like red, orange, and yellow trees

Sounds like leaves crunching under my feet

Tastes like fresh pumpkin pie

Smells like warm spices

Feels like crisp, breezy air


Looks like frozen ponds and snow-covered lawns

Sounds like wind blowing harshly outside

Tastes like steaming hot chocolate

Smells like gingerbread cookies and pine trees

Feels like warm blankets piled high


I really like writing poems, so I’ll post LOTS more in the future! (So if you don’t like poetry, you’ll be bored on these posts:) ) Well bye y’all!


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Choose-Your-Own Adventure Story!

Here it is!

You sit up and stretch as the warm morning sunlight streams through your window. It is Monday. You are 19 years old, live at home, and have a part-time job at a local cupcake shop. Your shifts start at 9:00 A.M. and end at 3:30 P.M. . You look at your clock and realize it’s already 8:30! You get dressed, eat a quick breakfast, and hop in your car. You notice your gas is very low. If you stop for gas, go to 1, if you don’t, go to 2.

1. You pull into a gas station and get a little bit of gas. It’s 8:55 and it takes 7 more minutes to get there! You hop in your car again and head for work. Go to 3.

2. You pull into the cupcake shop parking lot right as your gas light turns on and right as it turns 9:00. When you walk in, the manager says, “Just in time! I need you to make some chocolate cupcakes.” So you head into the kitchen. Go to 4.

3. You arrive at the cupcake shop at 9:02. When you walk in, the manager frowns and says, “You’re late,” you hang your head in shame. The manager quickly changes the subject by saying, “I need you to make some chocolate cupcakes.” So you head into the kitchen. Go to 4.

4. You combine the ingredients, scoop the batter into the tins, and put them in the preheated oven. The manager tells you to frost some strawberry cupcakes. The frosting is ready. You walk over to the frosting table and start. When you have 2 cupcakes left, you timer for your chocolate cupcakes in the oven goes off. If you finish frosting the cupcakes, go to 5, if you take your cupcakes out of the oven, go to 7.

5. You frost the last 2 cupcakes and go to the oven. When you take the cupcakes out, they look slightly burnt. The manager is in the bathroom. Maybe, if I. Frost these now, no one will notice, you think. You make chocolate frosting and frost your chocolate cupcakes. It runs a little bit because the cakes are still warm, but they look fine. Manager comes out of the bathroom and tells you to run the counter. A customer comes and asks for one of your chocolate ones. After she pays, she bites into it and makes a face. Manager asks what’s wrong. She says it tastes burnt. She gets a refund. A few minutes later, manager has a talk with you. Go to 6.

6. “You can go home now,” he says, “you don’t get your pay today. I don’t want any trouble.” You silently leave the shop. Next time, you’ll make better choices. ~

7. You take your cupcakes out of the oven and they look beautiful. You set them down to cool, then return to frosting the strawberry cupcakes. When you’re done, the manager, whose name is Bob, tells you to run the counter. A customer comes and buys a vanilla cupcake for $2. She goes outside to eat it. When you count the money she gave you, you realize she accidentally gave you $3! If you don’t give her the extra dollar, go to 8, if you give her the extra dollar, go to 9.

8. You put the money in the register. “Did you notice that extra dollar?” Bob suddenly asks. He’d been watching the whole time. You shamefully admit. Go to 6.

9. You rush outside and give the extra dollar to the lady. The thanks you. When you return inside, you see there’s a long line, and only one employee working the counter, whose name is Ann. You want to help her, but you really need to use the restroom. If you use the restroom, go to 10, if you go and help Ann, go to 11.

10. You are walking to the restroom when Ann throws you a flustered, helpless glance. You ignore it, and walk into the restroom. When you come out, the line is still long, and Ann is the only one working the counter. Go to 12.

11. You walk to Ann’s side and ask if you can help. She accepts gratefully. Go the 12.

12. Side by side, you and Ann serve all the people in the long line. When you’re done, you exchange high fives. It’s 12:00: lunch break. After lunch, you work the counter. As a customer is ordering, your cell phone rings. The call is from your friend, Emma. If you answer it, go to 13, if you don’t, go to 14.

13.” Excuse me, sir” you tell the disturbed customer. You answer your phone. “Hi!” Emma says,”I won my soccer game! Let me tell you all about it!” If you let her go on, go to 15, if you don’t, go to 16.

14. “I’m sorry about this,” you say silencing your phone. The customer finishes ordering. Go to 17.

15. It takes 15 minutes for Emma to tell you all about her soccer game. Then, you chat with her for a while. 15 minutes ago when she started telling you about her soccer game, John took over the counter, tossing you a “you know you’re guilty” glances. When you’re done on the phone, it’s already 1:35. Bob comes up to you, wearing a scowl. Go to 6.

16. “Emma,” you interrupt her, “I really have to go now,” and before she has time to say anything, you hang up. You return to your customer. Go to 14.

17. It is now 1:03. Not too many people come after 1:30. You serve customers for the next half hour. At about 1:35, you call Emma back with Bob’s permission. “Sorry about earlier,” you say when she answers, “I was in the middle of serving a customer.”                 “That’s fine!” She answers. It takes her 15 minutes to tell you all about her soccer game. Then you chat for a while. When you’re dine on the phone, it’s 2:00. Suddenly, you hear screeching brakes! There was a car accident outside. If you rush outside to see what happened, go to 18. If you don’t, go to 19.

18. You rush outside. Apparently, two cars collided. You can’t get a good view because people are flocked around the accident like flies around fallen food. You go back inside. Go to 20.

19. You stay inside, but gaze out the windows. You can’t get a decent view because people are flocked around the crash like flies around fallen food. Go to 20.

20. Bob comes out of the kitchen and says, “What was that terrible noise?”                             “I think,” you say, “that a couple cars crashed.” He nods in agreement. It’s now 2:30. Bob says to you, “You’ve done well today. You can go home now, or you can stay here a while longer, if you like.” If you go home, go to 21. If you decide to stay, go to 22.

21. You decide to head home. On the way, you fill up you car all the way with gas. Today was a great day, you think. *THE END*

22. You serve customers and decorate cupcakes for the next hour. Go to 21.

Well I hope you liked it! Bye y’all!

Yours Truly,


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 A Poem

Hello! I’m actually not doing the choose your own adventure story today because I still need to edit it a bit more. So today I am going to share with you a poem that I wrote. It has 2 meanings. Here it is. 

Until the glorious sun shall rise 

Over the rolling tumbling hills

The moon and stars shall be a guide 

For the weary travelers still. 

I will take it apart for you. The sun represents Jesus, and He is going to rise someday over the earth. The moon represents the Bible and the stars it’s teachings. They guide us through life just as travelers a long time ago used to use the moon and stars to get where they wanted to go. We are in a dark world, like a seemingly endless night. But if we follow the Bible and its teachings, (and believe that Jesus is the one true son of God) we’ll eventually be with God forever! We need to be careful to stay on the right path. Proverbs 4:27 says “Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil.” Travelers a long time ago could get really messed up if they didn’t follow the moon and stars correctly, just like we can get really messed up if we don’t follow the Bible and its teachings correctly. When we’re going through hard times, sometimes we just long for Jesus to come and everything to be made right, but we have a purpose here on earth: to serve, praise, and glorify God. He made us for His glory, to glorify Him in all that we do. I get sad sometimes because when I was 8 years old, we moved 12 hours away from all our friends and family to where I live now. During those sad spells sometimes I feel like I can’t make it. I just wish that Jesus would come back so I could live happily ever after, but you know what? Like I said, we have a purpose here on earth, and we need to fulfill it. Bye y’all!

Yours truly, 


How to Organize Your Workspace

Hello! Today I’m going to share some tips of how I organize my workspace, such as night stands and desks. Let’s start out with my desk! (Sorry, the inside of my desk drawer is a bit messy, as you will see in a minute:) ) So, my desk has a little hutch thing on the top, which I like to put little pretty decorations on top of. I also have a salt rock lamp on there. It’s always nice to have a source of light handy! I also have the lamp there because my desk is under my loft bed so it gets a bit dark down there sometimes, even if the main light in my room is on. 

Now, on my desktop, I like to keep it clean, with only a few things on it, although it gets a bit messy sometimes. ☺️ I have a mini fairy garden in a jar, which I put clay mushrooms in. 

Then I have some gel pens. I have 40 gel pens total, and I put 20 in each jar. I like using jars! I put the greens, blues, and browns in one, and purples, oranges, yellows, pinks and reds in the other. 

I also have some rocks that I painted to look like M&Ms. 

I like to keep art stuff like tape, scissors, glue, and other art decorations in my drawer. 

I have 2 shelves under my drawer. One I keep my notebooks, journals and that kind of stuff, and in the other I keep my coloring books. (I use adult coloring books) 

And we’re done with the desk! 

Now, we’ll move onto the nightstand. I don’t have a nightstand, since I have a loft bed, but I have a thing called a “bunk buddy” that is a shelf that connects onto the rail. So in this post, just pretend it’s a nightstand. When I did have a nightstand, I had a lamp on it. So, on my “bunk buddy” I keep my Bible (because I read it at night before I fall asleep, I’m trying to read through the whole Bible) , my Bible highlighters, a clock, my book light, my devotional, a pencil (or pen) my lavender spray (which helps my sleep at night) and my throw up cup. Throw up cups are just disposable cups so that in the middle of the night if we’re sick… yeah, I’m pretty sure you know now. 😁 Now, this might sound like a lot of stuff, but I organized it so that it is nice and neat! 

See? A simple, clean way to organize your nightstand! Sorry the background is messy! I share a room with my little sister…yeah. Well, I hope you liked this post! Oh, and the next post I’m gonna do is gonna be a choose your own adventure story! I’m so excited to share it with you! I’ll try to do it tomorrow if I have time! 

Yours truly, 


Some Recent Art

Hello! Today I’m gonna show you some art I’ve done recently! First, I’ll show you a picture of them all on my desk, then I’ll show you individual pictures. 

So, here’s the first one. The verse I picked for it is one of my favorites. With all of these I wrote in sharpie, and most of them are in cursive. 

The next one is another Bible verse that I really like. I didn’t know what picture to draw on it so I just put a flower. 

This next one is a quote or something I’ve heard a lot, and I like it, so I put it into a picture. 

This next one is a lyric to a song (and the title of it) by Tobymac, as you can see in the bottom left corner. 

This next one is of a poem I wrote about dogs. At the bottom I put silhouettes of dogs. (This kinda isn’t art, but I think it qualifies😄) 

And last but not least, this last one is a quote or something I’ve heard somewhere, and I think that it is the truth. I put the same silhouettes on the bottom as the last one. 

And that concludes my recent art! I hope you like them! 

Yours truly, 



You know how I said my snakes name is Dude? Well, it’s actually Doodle because that’s what I call him and that’s the only thing I call him. 


Hello! Thanks for the name ideas for my snake! I figured out a name for him! I almost pick a name that one of you told me. You might think that the name I gave him is weird, but I like it. It is…..Dude! I know, to some people that might be a strange name, but that doesn’t matter, really. He is healthy and is doing quite well! I still am going to post pictures of him, but I haven’t had time to upload the pictures from my camera. Anyway, lets go to the subject of this post: snow! We only got about 2 inches, and the weather people said that it would be 5-8 inches. The snow is already melting. This morning my siblings and I sleded. The schools were cancelled for today. I am homeschooled, but I still had to do school. 😄 here is a picture of our melting backyard. 

Here is a poem that I wrot a year or two ago about snow  

Flurries of Pleasure
Snow flurries flitter down, like delicate little treasures;

They seem to come from heaven, as gifts of little pleasures;

It covers the land in a peaceful, pure white blanket, 

This gift fills me with delight, who would ever take it? 

I like the snow. I like the thrill of shooting down a hill headfirst on a sled. I like stepping onto the purest parts of the snow that no one has ever stepped on. I like the feeling of tiny snowflakes hitting my face. I like the peacefulness of it all. I like coming inside after playing hard in the snow, taking my heavy snow gear off, and running over to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. I like the snow. 

You’re truly,


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