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Some Vacation Pictures

Hi! Today I’m going to show you some vacation pictures. There are more, but I haven’t sorted through them yet. These are some that Mallory’s mom took of my siblings and me. 

And I forgot to tell you about this in my last post but on our 2nd last day there when we were on the beach someone told us that there was a sea turtle nest that was supposed to hatch either that night or the next so my mom, my little brother (Luke) and I stayed up till 10:00 PM by the nest but nothing happened. ☹️ here is a picture of Luke and I on the beach at night.

It’s sideways. Well, gotta go! Bye y’all!


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Hello! My family and me went on a vacation to a beach in Florida for a week!🏖 We left the 7th and got back yesterday. I absolutely LOVE the beach! We rented a beach house (on a plantation) and the house had a big pool! I took some pictures, but I haven’t sorted and uploaded them yet, so that will have to wait. We go on an annual beach vacation every year to the same place. The plantation is on a small island in Florida called, Amelia Island.🏝It is one of my favorite places in the world! The house comes with 2 golf carts! My mom and I found some shark teeth! We also saw some dolphins that were really close to the shore! Well, that’s all the time I have for today y’all, I’ll be sure to try to do a vacation-picture-post soon! Bye!

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   We went to the county fair today!

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