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Washington DC

Hello! On Monday I went on a day trip to Washington DC and we went to the Archives, Natural History Museum, and a Washington Nationals baseball game! And when we were walking around outside near the Natural History Museum, we saw an albino squirrel. The baseball game was FUN! Here are some pictures. 

My mom didn’t want me to put pictures of her on here, so she isn’t in any. XD 
I’m holding a caterpillar in the last picture. Bye!

Yours truly,



We got home after midnight that night! XD

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Just a Quick Post 

Hi! We went on a short trip this week. We went to Great Wolf Lodge! It is a Lodge that has an indoor water park! It was SO fun! I like to dump water on people in the water park on a big fort thing. When people pass underneath you, you can dump water on them! It’s fun. That’s all the time I have for today, bye!

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If you like sports, you should check out my older brother’s blog, Click here to see it. 


Hello! There was a BEUTIFUL sunset a week ago and I took some pictures of it. It was pink, but the ‘sunset’ mode on my camera made it look red and orange. So I went to the ‘sunrise’ mode and it made it look pink, like it was. Here they are!

Isn’t it pretty? It looks like someone painted the sky! The first one was on the ‘sunset’ mode. Bye!

Yours Truly,


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Niagara Falls

Hello! As I said yesterday, this post will be on my trip to Niagara Falls. We stayed in a small cabin on a campground. The cabin even had a loft! The campground had a lake, a general store, a pool, and a mini golf place. Here is a picture I took of the lake.DSCN2335.JPG

When we went to the falls, my dad told us that we were going on a boat ride\tour that goes reallly close to the falls! The boat tour was called, Maid of the Mist. I’m not a particular fan of boats. 🙂 It was actually more fun than I thought though! To get to the boat we had to go down an elevator that went aaaaaaaall the way down this thing!DSCN2352.JPG

Then we got onto the boat! Here are some pictures I took while on the boat.DSCN2359.JPGDSCN2375.JPGDSCN2354.JPGDSCN2385.JPGDSCN2387.JPG

That last picture is of a thing on the Canadian side. After the boat ride, we went to Canada! It was my first time going to Canada! We had to wait a LONG time on a bridge in our car to get to Canada. Here is a picture I took while waiting on the bridge. DSCN2403.JPG

When we finaly got to Canada, we ate lunch and went to some Niagara Falls shops and headed back to the campground and swam in the pool there till dinner. Here are some pictures I took of the falls.DSCN2345.JPGDSCN2349.JPGDSCN2348.JPG

On the long drive to my actual house, we saw Lake Erie! Did I spell Erie right? Anyway, here is a picture I took of it.DSCN2416.JPG

That’s all the time I have for today. Bye! Here is one last picture. DSCN2399.JPG


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More Vacation Pictures!!!!!

Hello! At last, I uploaded my other vacation pictures! I am so excited to show you! Well, I shouldn’t keep you waiting, so here they are!DSCN2486.JPGDSCN2505.JPGDSCN2499.JPGDSCN2495.JPGDSCN2481.JPG

Well, did you like them? The beach was hot but real fun! I absoloutly positively LOVE the beach! (I’m not quite sure I spelled absoloutly and positively right!) Do you like the beach?

I have to go now y’all! Bye!


P.S. My next post is gonna be on my trip to Niagara Falls! …Although the trip was in July. I just really wanted to do this post first!

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