More Vacation Pictures!!!!!

Hello! At last, I uploaded my other vacation pictures! I am so excited to show you! Well, I shouldn’t keep you waiting, so here they are!DSCN2486.JPGDSCN2505.JPGDSCN2499.JPGDSCN2495.JPGDSCN2481.JPG

Well, did you like them? The beach was hot but real fun! I absoloutly positively LOVE the beach! (I’m not quite sure I spelled absoloutly and positively right!) Do you like the beach?

I have to go now y’all! Bye!


P.S. My next post is gonna be on my trip to Niagara Falls! …Although the trip was in July. I just really wanted to do this post first!

4 thoughts on “More Vacation Pictures!!!!!

  1. Ooh, great pictures, Mallory! I especially love the first and third picture – and I love your sign-off! Ahh yes, I love the beach.
    (Why are my comments always pretty much the same as Megan’s? 😡 XD 😛 )

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