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Hello! Thanks for the name ideas for my snake! I figured out a name for him! I almost pick a name that one of you told me. You might think that the name I gave him is weird, but I like it. It is…..Dude! I know, to some people that might be a strange name, but that doesn’t matter, really. He is healthy and is doing quite well! I still am going to post pictures of him, but I haven’t had time to upload the pictures from my camera. Anyway, lets go to the subject of this post: snow! We only got about 2 inches, and the weather people said that it would be 5-8 inches. The snow is already melting. This morning my siblings and I sleded. The schools were cancelled for today. I am homeschooled, but I still had to do school. 😄 here is a picture of our melting backyard. 

Here is a poem that I wrot a year or two ago about snow  

Flurries of Pleasure
Snow flurries flitter down, like delicate little treasures;

They seem to come from heaven, as gifts of little pleasures;

It covers the land in a peaceful, pure white blanket, 

This gift fills me with delight, who would ever take it? 

I like the snow. I like the thrill of shooting down a hill headfirst on a sled. I like stepping onto the purest parts of the snow that no one has ever stepped on. I like the feeling of tiny snowflakes hitting my face. I like the peacefulness of it all. I like coming inside after playing hard in the snow, taking my heavy snow gear off, and running over to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. I like the snow. 

You’re truly,


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