Some Recent Art

Hello! Today I’m gonna show you some art I’ve done recently! First, I’ll show you a picture of them all on my desk, then I’ll show you individual pictures. 

So, here’s the first one. The verse I picked for it is one of my favorites. With all of these I wrote in sharpie, and most of them are in cursive. 

The next one is another Bible verse that I really like. I didn’t know what picture to draw on it so I just put a flower. 

This next one is a quote or something I’ve heard a lot, and I like it, so I put it into a picture. 

This next one is a lyric to a song (and the title of it) by Tobymac, as you can see in the bottom left corner. 

This next one is of a poem I wrote about dogs. At the bottom I put silhouettes of dogs. (This kinda isn’t art, but I think it qualifies😄) 

And last but not least, this last one is a quote or something I’ve heard somewhere, and I think that it is the truth. I put the same silhouettes on the bottom as the last one. 

And that concludes my recent art! I hope you like them! 

Yours truly, 



You know how I said my snakes name is Dude? Well, it’s actually Doodle because that’s what I call him and that’s the only thing I call him. 

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