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 A Poem

Hello! I’m actually not doing the choose your own adventure story today because I still need to edit it a bit more. So today I am going to share with you a poem that I wrote. It has 2 meanings. Here it is. 

Until the glorious sun shall rise 

Over the rolling tumbling hills

The moon and stars shall be a guide 

For the weary travelers still. 

I will take it apart for you. The sun represents Jesus, and He is going to rise someday over the earth. The moon represents the Bible and the stars it’s teachings. They guide us through life just as travelers a long time ago used to use the moon and stars to get where they wanted to go. We are in a dark world, like a seemingly endless night. But if we follow the Bible and its teachings, (and believe that Jesus is the one true son of God) we’ll eventually be with God forever! We need to be careful to stay on the right path. Proverbs 4:27 says “Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil.” Travelers a long time ago could get really messed up if they didn’t follow the moon and stars correctly, just like we can get really messed up if we don’t follow the Bible and its teachings correctly. When we’re going through hard times, sometimes we just long for Jesus to come and everything to be made right, but we have a purpose here on earth: to serve, praise, and glorify God. He made us for His glory, to glorify Him in all that we do. I get sad sometimes because when I was 8 years old, we moved 12 hours away from all our friends and family to where I live now. During those sad spells sometimes I feel like I can’t make it. I just wish that Jesus would come back so I could live happily ever after, but you know what? Like I said, we have a purpose here on earth, and we need to fulfill it. Bye y’all!

Yours truly,