Another Poem

Hello! Are you having a nice summer? I am! My family and I are going to the beach next month! The poem I’m going to share with you today is about the seasons! I hope you like it!


The seasons


Looks like a glorious, blooming pink tree

Sounds like robins chirping

Tastes like fresh air

Smells like fragrant blooms

Feels like rose petal


Looks like the beach

Sounds like waves crashing

Tastes like a popsicle

Smells like salty ocean air

Feels like sunburns and mosquito bites


Looks like red, orange, and yellow trees

Sounds like leaves crunching under my feet

Tastes like fresh pumpkin pie

Smells like warm spices

Feels like crisp, breezy air


Looks like frozen ponds and snow-covered lawns

Sounds like wind blowing harshly outside

Tastes like steaming hot chocolate

Smells like gingerbread cookies and pine trees

Feels like warm blankets piled high


I really like writing poems, so I’ll post LOTS more in the future! (So if you don’t like poetry, you’ll be bored on these posts:) ) Well bye y’all!



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