2 Poems

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a LONG time! I just haven’t had anything to post about. So today I decided to post 2 poems I recently wrote. The first one is a Christmas poem. I know Christmas is next month, but for some reason I wrote a Christmas poem anyways, because, well, you can celebrate Jesus’ birth anytime of year! Here it is:

It’s getting to that time of year

When Christmas draws so very near

There’s some Christmas lights over there

The smell of gingerbread and evergreen is in the air

As we sit around the fire

Our spirits rise higher and higher

But through all this we forget the real reason

Of all the celebration in the Christmas season

Forget the lights, forget the trees

And fall down humbly on your knees

Through this season in our hearts should ring

The message of love from Jesus, our King

Many years ago Jesus came to save us all

So on our knees we should humbly fall

Born of a virgin, ina manger He lay

Born, Jesus King of the world, that day

Born to save us from our sin

Born to make us new again

Born to raise up from the toumb

Born to take away our gloom

You were born to serve this King

So serve Him and He’ll make you clean

If you serve Him, don’t forget

Your Christmas will be better yet…

So that was the first poem. Here is the 2nd poem:

Jesus is our Cornerstone

He sits in Heaven on His throne

Keeping watch on everything

As He hears the angels sing

They sing of His glory and of His strength

They sing of His might all day at length

We are to tell of our Father up above

We are to tell of His glory and love

He is our strength, He is our might

He is our way, He is our light

He is our comfort in the depths of night

He is our shield through this life-long fight

He always does what is pure and just

The skies are His floor, the clouds the dust

He is our refuge in a day of trouble

He will save us from this world’s deep rubble

Jesus bought us with a price

So we can live with Him in Paradise…

Well, thanks for reading! I will try to post more often. šŸ™‚

Yours Truly,





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