A Craft

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time! Today I am going to show you how to make cute little glass pebble decorations! You will need:

  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Small or standard glass craft pebbles, clear or colored

And markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons.DSCN2426

First, select the pebble you would like to use. On your paper, and using your pencil, carefully trace around your pebble.DSCN2427

Set your pebble close by, and with your scissors, cut carefully the outline of your pebble.DSCN2430

Set the circle of paper you just cut out on a hard surface and color anything you want on it!


(I use a glue stick) Apply a bit of glue to the colored side of the paper circle. DSCN2433

Grab your pebble, and sandwich the pebble on top of the paper circle, so that the glue covered side of the paper is on the flat underside of the pebble. DSCN2434

Let it sit a few seconds to let the glue settle, and there you have a pretty little decoration! DSCN2436DSCN2438

These were made using small blue pebbles and small yellow pebbles. I now make them with the standard size clear pebbles, but I don’t have any pictures of those. I have made some where I colored in doughnuts, hedgehogs, baseballs, footballs, designs, Bible verses,  and lots more. When I give gifts, I like to throw one of these pebbles into the gift bag. I use these in different ways. I have stood some up on the rim of a picture frame, and I have used them as other decorations. You could also use these as paperweights! Thanks for reading this, and tell me if you make any of these! Have a great rest-of-the-day!



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