Bald Eagle

Hi! Last month as we were driving along, we spotted a huge bird up in a tree. We slowed down, and we saw that it was a bald eagle! Since we were only a few minutes away from home, we raced home to get my camera. When we came back to the spot where the eagle was, it was still there! I couldn’t get very good pictures, and I only got a few, but they are really cool, even though they are a bit  blurry. I didn’t even know we had eagles around here before we saw this one! Well, enough talking, here are the pics!RSCN4694RSCN4695RSCN4696

I think the 1st one is the best picture. It’s not as blurry as the other ones. Well, I gotta go, bye!

Have you ever seen a wild bald eagle where you live?


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