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How To Make a Clay Layer Cake

I love making things out of clay. One of my favorite things to make is layer cakes. They are so fun! I like to make them as birthday presents for people using their favorite colors. The one I am using for this tutorial was for one of my friends, and I liked it so much that I made another one for myself. 🙂 They are very easy and only have a few steps!

First, take the colors you want to use (I usually do 3 colors) and shape them into equal sized  disks. The disks shouldn’t be really flat, but not super thick. Here are mine from that blue and silver one.


Then, stack them on top of each other. I decided to do ombre-darkest to lightest. Don’t smush them together too much, or the colors will smear. DSCN5090

Next, roll out the color of your frosting so it’s pretty thin, but not so thin it tears easily. Lay it over the cake and wrap around sides. Cut off the extra clay or tuck it underneath the bottom. Smooth it out, but not a lot, or the colors will mix and ruin your cake. DSCN5091

Now you can add clay sprinkles or candles to the top, as I did here. DSCN5092

It’s almost time to reveal the beautiful colors inside! I am always in suspense when I am slicing a piece of clay cake to see if it turned out. If you use soft clay, you may need to put your cake in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes so the colors inside won’ smear when you cut it. Also, use a sharp knife to cut it, or the colors will smear. DSCN5093

Ta-da! The finished cake! Well, almost finished. You still have to bake it. See the thin silver layer at the bottom of the cake? That is from me tucking the extra frosting clay underneath the bottom. I kinda like doing it because, as you can see, it makes an extra layer. But of course you don’t have to tuck it under if you don’t want an extra layer. DSCN5094

Here are two other cakes I made. The one on the left has strawberries on top, and as you can see, the colors on the inside smeared a bit because I didn’t use a very sharp knife. The other side of the slice is very smeared, hence why I turned the good side towards the camera. DSCN5047

So, if you have clay, and someone’s birthday is near, make this for them using their favorite colors! Or make a replica of their favorite flavor of cake.

I made a few other picture-tutorials of how to make clay food like cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. Food is my favorite thing to make out of clay.

Something on our counter spilled this morning and my camera was on the counter and I turned on my camera and it still worked. Well later I tried to turn on my camera and it didn’t turn on. I use rechargeable batteries, so I am charging them, hoping that the camera will still work. If not, I will have to get a new camera for Christmas.

~Mallory 🙂


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Wow. I have not posted in such a looooong time. I was too lazy to upload my photos…then I forgot….soooooo yeah. BUT now that I have uploaded my pics, I am probably going to be posting a whole lot more often.

So I was walking around my backyard, searching for something to take a picture of. As I was searching, I saw something glittering on the ground. I bent over to see what it was, and I saw that it was a raindrop on the grass. No big surprise, because it rained last night. Then I saw tons of raindrops dotting the ground, and I knew that I had to take pictures of them. God’s creation is so beautiful! Raindrops look just like diamonds. So that is the story of these photos. I hope you like looking at them!DSCN5310DSCN5311DSCN5312DSCN5318DSCN5321RSCN5359RSCN5358DSCN5333RSCN5356DSCN5325

On my little adventure around the backyard, I decided to capture some of the beauty of fall on my camera….the problem: our leaves haven’t really changed color yet. So, I did the best I could. The 2nd one is of one of the two or three red leaves that I found. All the others were brown, black, or ugly yellow. And the last pic is a big chubby worm I found laying there in the grass.


So, I hope you liked the result of my little journey around the yard.


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