Wow. I have not posted in such a looooong time. I was too lazy to upload my photos…then I forgot….soooooo yeah. BUT now that I have uploaded my pics, I am probably going to be posting a whole lot more often.

So I was walking around my backyard, searching for something to take a picture of. As I was searching, I saw something glittering on the ground. I bent over to see what it was, and I saw that it was a raindrop on the grass. No big surprise, because it rained last night. Then I saw tons of raindrops dotting the ground, and I knew that I had to take pictures of them. God’s creation is so beautiful! Raindrops look just like diamonds. So that is the story of these photos. I hope you like looking at them!DSCN5310DSCN5311DSCN5312DSCN5318DSCN5321RSCN5359RSCN5358DSCN5333RSCN5356DSCN5325

On my little adventure around the backyard, I decided to capture some of the beauty of fall on my camera….the problem: our leaves haven’t really changed color yet. So, I did the best I could. The 2nd one is of one of the two or three red leaves that I found. All the others were brown, black, or ugly yellow. And the last pic is a big chubby worm I found laying there in the grass.


So, I hope you liked the result of my little journey around the yard.



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